Is this a good deal for a Toyota Supra?

I've emailed him to send me some pictures, but no luck so far. If I didn't get this, I would want a Celica, Civic, or Scion TC. Out of those four models, which one would be the fastest and which one would I most likely find the best deal for?

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    First, that price is about what a 12 year old car is worth, unfortunately that's not a price that realistically reflects the market value. Many people will pay $20,000+ for that car with those miles, even with the modifications lowering the value. Not sure why, it's a heavy pig of a car. More than likely it's not a real deal, but who knows? There could be some moron out there who really doesn't know what they have.

    As for your second question...

    The Supra Turbo would easily be the quickest and fastest of the 4, and capable of by far the most power. But, in the end, it's still a Toyota, and is nothing like the other 3 cars you are considering. So, based on those other 3, I will just eliminate the Supra, because I have a feeling it wouldn't meet your realistic needs, at least not right now. So, out of the other 3, only one of them isn't a Toyota. The Celica GT-S is going to be the best handling and quickest stock, but the civic is going to have far more aftermarket support than either the tC or the Celica, meaning it will be the easiest to make faster, and cheapest to boot. Ultimately, the Supra is the only car made for some sort of performance, the others are just economy cars made to get good gas mileage while driving to and from work, school, or delivering pizzas. They might be quick for what they are...but in the performance world, they're still slow.

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    My friend sells Supras and IS300s. Trust me this looks fake. Supras in this condition normally go for 20K+ . Scion tC is ok, not great. Im an owner so I know. To make the sucker fast plan on spending 4-5K on a Dezod or Ptunning TurboCharger. Not worth it, you'd be better off buying a GTI, SI

    or Ralliart. Celica is meh, and dont get a Civic please! we have enough of those driving around pretending to be racers (majority not all lol)

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    celica/civic/scion = not very fast for stock. if you can afford a scion, then get a 2005-09 mustang instead. Stock, it will beat all those cars but the supra of course

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    I dont want to burst your bubble but hes a fake. A supra with that many miles can go for 15k grand minimum. Hes just a fraud like many people on craigslist.

    Out of the other choices i recommend the celica gt-s it weighs only 2.5k lbs and has 180 hp. The best car out of your choices. If you want a car thats easy to mod get the scion, but it only puts out 160hp and weighs in the 4ks. Also if your intrested in importated fast cars look at nissans 200-300zx line up, they sell pretty cheap and are fast.

    Do not get any honda product they are digusting junk.

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    I live in the united kingdom but that is blinding deal so something is really wrong i would say..

    but it might have done the mileage on the clock but how many has it done and what sort of state is the engine in as it could have been raced.

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    that's a great deal you should get it but check every single thing even the smallest thing.

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    i have a supra and love it... personally i don't believe any of the other cars compare... have fun...


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    yes if runs good.Have to check out first...

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