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When is the best time for me to book cruise? Should I wait?

Planning to cruise out of NYC on April 16. Should I book now or wait for deals? It is April vacation week here in New England but, Norwegian has a Nickolodean cruise the day after (17th) so I am thinking families may book that cruise instead. What do you think? Now or wait until 60-90 days from cruise date to get a better deal? Thanks!


I am a first time cruiser so I have no experience with this.

Update 2:

My dates are really not that flexible..I work at a school and I am on vacation as well. It is my honeymoon also.

Update 3:

thanks compete is where I have found the lowest price thus paid gratuities which is another $140 savings. Going to just book next week as I had planned.

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    As your dates aren't flexible, I'd suggest you go ahead and book it now to make sure you get exactly what you want.


    Source(s): Cruise Video: Book Your Cruise Early or Book it Late?
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    If you have your heart set on a particular cruise, and/or you want a particular cabin, book as soon as possible.

    Sometimes prices do go down, especially at final payment date, because people who had booked the cruise decide that they don't want to go and cancel their reservation, freeing up capacity. If demand is not strong, the cruise line may drop prices to try to sell the cabins.

    HOWEVER, prices don't always go down. My next cruise is in about a month; we booked it back in March '09. Prices went up steadily after that, to the point where earlier this year, the few interior cabins remaining were selling for more than the balcony we booked. Prices did come down some this week, but not to the price we paid, and there are few cabins to select from.

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    The BEST time is always as far in advance as possible. You then get what is known as early booking fees(a discount). I usually book my next cruise the minute I finish a cruise which is usually about 1 year in advance. A good travel agent will give you updates on any reductions and then request that you get that too. So if you book in way in advance, not only do you get the cream of the crop as far as cabin selection, but you get the best price as well.

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    I would book your cruise anytime. It costs very little to nothing to reserve your cabin.

    If prices come down, a reputable cruise agent will guarantee the lower price.

    I find that is a good site to use. After you choose the cruise you want, cruise agents will bid on that cruise so that you get the best price possible.

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    The best time to book is on the off season, or a week before (granted there are any seats left). If your trying to take a cruise in the summer, book in the winter when you'd normally get a good deal because no one is focusing on what there going to do in the summer. And everyone knows they always throw out last minute deals right before the trip to fill in any last minute seats. You just have to decide what will work for you.

    Source(s): Than book on the off season. I assume you know the date of the wedding? Say your wedding is in the spring, book in the beginning of the fall or mid winter even. I wouldn't try and wait last minute if its a honey moon because they may be all booked. But because your booking in the off season, you may get a better deal.
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    Book as soon as you can. Experienced cruisers will book a year or more in advance to not only get a good deal but also select the more desirable cabins.

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    Book now and lock in your vacation.

    then, check on the rate and see if it comes down.

    Good luck & Happy cruising!

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    Personalty i would book ASAP

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