how can i get a guy to make the first move?

i'm 18 years old and have never been hit on besides creeps and as a joke by my guy friends who have girlfriends. i've also never had a boyfriend or been kissed. my horizons are pretty broad (basically anyone without a girlfriend who isnt a major creep). i'm 5'9" and i have long legs, i wear short shorts a lot and show some cleavage, and i never look slutty. i know i don't smell. i have lots of friends, i like to party (but not too much) and i'm always told i'm funny and easy to talk to. help me out?

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    1 decade ago
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    First off you need to be at ease around guys that you are interested in. What I mean guys don't really like to hit on a girl or come on to strong... They want to be sure that they are not making the girl feel uncomfortable. So you need to send signals to them, letting them feel at ease and they can be themselves around you...Don't try being free or ease with that guys will take advantage of you (Meaning a slut image)... You sound like a very Beautiful girl, but don't be a snob about it. We guys think that beautiful girls put on an "Am better then you" attitude... I know you aren't that way... So good luck on your hunting and you will have all kinds of guys knocking on your door...

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    You can't make boys fall for you. If there was a fool proof plan that I could tell you about then I would make a fortune and the multi million dollar corporation which is dating sites would crumble!

    I find the best thing to do when it comes to love is just not look for it and just be yourself. Sometimes you can look so hard that you can't see for looking. Let love come to you.

    As for wearing short skirts and showing cleavage then you are probably attracting 'creeps' as you so call them as they will think you are merely looking for sex. Just wear what you are comfortable wearing without thinking how it will make you attractive to men or not and you will meet someone in time who likes you just for you.

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    Make sure you are putting the right vibes out there. If you come off too confident a guy may think you are a ***** (not saying that you are, just saying guys are stupid sometimes). Also, some guys are intimidated by confident girls, but I am not suggesting you act less confident, I am just saying there are guys that may not approach you for that reason.

    There is nothing wrong with approaching a guy instead of waiting for him to approach you. In fact, I hear that some guys find that to be a turn on.

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    seriously dont waste your time on trying to get guys to get with you. its not worth it. don't you think you should wait till you meet a guy that thinks your amazing instead of a guy that thinks your really cool because you pay alot of attention to him?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ask guys what they most like to do with girls.

  • Well you have to flirt with them!!! But, if you wanna be REALLY technical, you could use body language to draw him in ^-^

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