Consequences of destroying foreclosing home?

Although you can get a good deal, I keep hearing that you can get a bad deal if the home is intentially trashed by the foreclosed owner. I saw youtube videos of foreclosed owners who tear out pieces of the home to sell and, when they are done, the home looks terrible in the inside.

My question is: Are there any consequences for foreclosing owners who destroy the property, and is there any way of stopping them?

Currently in my city (SJ, CA) there are many short sales and forclosed homes. I also keep on hearing that sometimes the seller's lender of short sale homes won't accept the highest bid (reasonable lower than asking price) and let the home go into foreclosure. Do they take into account that the home could be trashed afterwards and they could have a bigger loss on their hands?

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    1 decade ago
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    The only thing owners (or ex-owners) are allowed to remove are non-fixed items like furniture, personal belongings.

    Fixed items such as fixtures, countertops, cabinets etc. are not allowed to be taken. There have been several examples made recently where people were charged with destruction of property/theft for destroying/removing these items.

    Yes, there are consequences.

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    Not to worry - it all comes off the lenders taxes

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