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Do you lose weight by doing yoga?

or does yoga just stretch you out and make you more limber?

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    Yoga definitely helps drop pounds. Some of those positions are very hard to hold, and you will have sweat just pouring off of you. Granted, the only Yoga I have done is from P90X, and I hear that is fairly advanced. Makes me sore and exhausted everytime!!

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    I think that you can lose weight doing yoga if you don't eat immediately after the training and if you exclude food rich in grasses from your menu.

    Yoga doesn't only stretch you out, make you more limber but it helps clear your mind. I have been practising yoga for 2 months and I must admit that I am in a finer shape than before. I don't know if I have lost any kilos but some centimeters for sure.

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    4 years ago

    sure the advantages to Yoga are infinite. You exchange into greater comfortable, greater concentrated, greater advantageous, greater versatile and you tone up and drop some weight and alter into greater suitable. I even have completed the Rodney Yee yoga movies, i've got additionally long gone to google and typed in yoga, yoga positions, and so on and function been waiting to locate a sheet i'm able to print out with numerous yoga positions on it. I taped this to my wall and stick to it so i don't ought to think of of what to do next, i'm able to easily replica cat the paper or %. and decide which poses i choose to do. Afterawhile you strengthen your very own recurring of what you pick to do.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it just stretch you out. not by losing weight.

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