Would you care if your boyfriend seemed to be unromantic when it came to sex, always?

Okay so today I mentioned to m boyfriend how someone was talking about playing music and lighting candles before having sex, I slipped it in there that the closest we'd come to any other this was a movie playing in the background that we were pretending to watch...

Apparently both those things are a waste of time and money... Which I get and I don't want it always, I just suppose it sounds nice. Opinions?


Normal :( I'd just appreciate it as a once off. Also, it's hard to be the one organising it because we're so rarely at my house

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    I think playing music and lighting candles is a very normal thing to do. Not even romantic really, just kinda normal. Don't expect him to do it, though. You make it happen...I always do. If you wait on the guy to do it, it'll never get done.

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