Was it normal during Jesus time and culture for other men to rest their head on another mans chest?

Like described of John doing so with Jesus?

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    Yes. Read the passage in context.

    * Jesus just have announced that one of them was going to betray Him.

    * Everybody was so surprised that started to ask if they were the traitor, or trying to figure it out who could be.

    * John then come close to Jesus to ask in secret the name of the traitor. When you ask a secret it you talk in a low voice, and to try that the others would not hear, that only the one you ask can hear your voice. How do you manage to do that in a room full of people?

    *** You need to get very close to the other person and talk in a low voice.

    *** In those times people did not use chairs and tables like us to eat. They had rugs and cushions to sit on the floor, and bvery low tables to put the plates / food on. They were reclining on those cushions / pillows probably with an elbow on the floor and the feets to a side, like we rest on a couch while watching TV.

    *** In that position John reclined his head to the chest of Jesus so he could be near him and ask the secret.

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    Yes, and it was also customary for a man to grab his own nuts when giving a testimony.

    Hence, the root of the word "teste". Get it?

    BTW, just wanted to mention that Jesus never existed. It's called astrotheology.

    - The Eternal Satyr

    Source(s): www.jesusneverexisted.com www.truthbeknown.com
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    John considered himself Christ's beloved desciple

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    Yes it was , it was also customary for the host to wash the guest feet. Also they did not sit at a table to eat like we do- they reclined on what we consider couches.

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