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Help me narrow down my major please?

I'm going into undergraduate soon and I want to do business finance but my parents are very much against that because they feel that I won't get a tangible skill from that. They want me to do engineering but I want to do some sort of science in that case because that's what I'm second-most interested in. If possible I'd also like to dual major/get a dual degree between business and a science if thats possible in some colleges.

My choices for science right now are: pharmacology, physiology, molecular biology, microbiology, bioengineering, biomedical engineering, and biotechnology. I plan on getting an MBA after a few years of work out of undergrad.

What jobs can I get from the above-mentioned science degrees? Would you recommend dual majoring? Is there any other major you'd recommend doing for undergrad followed up by an MBA?

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    My suggestion is not to get a second major. The sciences are demanding, and getting good grades in your courses is more important. Your parents are wrong that business will not give you a tangible skill, but they are right in advising you to study engineering or a science. MBA programs accept students in any undergraduate field. They prefer students who do not have a business background because they give you the business training but they cannot provide the broad background that managers should have. Any of the fields you are considering would be a good major. Talk to the advisors, professors, and administrators of each field to find out how and where they are placing their graduates. Your plan to work 3-4 years before applying for the MBA is a good one.

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    You can major in a science major and minor in business. Then, if you want to go for the MBA then you will have some background in business. Your interests in science sound like you could benefit from a general biology degree. Some colleges and universities will have an emphasis within the biology major that would include the things that you mentioned.

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    i became going to point college board besides! i might additionally propose the "e book of Majors" that the organization places out. All 3 of those are stable jobs, so there is not any incorrect decision. ;)

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