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revlon colorstay, revlon beyond natural foundation or maybelline dream matte mousse?

i need a new foundation and not sure which to get?

i want a foundation that has full coverage and is easy to apply.

i have narrowed it down to these three but am still unsure which to get.

if you hav any other suggestions on foundations feel free to comment.

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    I have two of those: Revlon colorstay and dream matte mousse

    Revlon Colourstay:

    It is a very good foundation. I also have the Mac studio fix fluid and this is meant to be its contender and it really beats the fix fluid by a mile! The fix fluid is streaky and orange while the colourstay buffs into my skin very well and looks really good!! I even get comments on my foundation when I wear it! I love that it is the same colour as my skin and hides blemishes. Though be careful because its not really a natural finish - people can see that you have make up on! But i really recommend it, and i would buy it again

    Dream Matte mouse:

    Ive been using this for about 4 years now... At first I though it was amazing but as I grew up I really needed a proper foundation that could even out the skin tone instead of covering a few areas. What I ve found this foundation is good for is putting over blemishes and under and over that eyes and on the nose when you are going somewhere in a hurry. I prefer using it to my concealer (i use the 17 concealer by the way, which isn't very good). To cover your face with it like a liquid foundation you would need to use like half or a third of the pack!! So I wouldn't recommend this foundation for going out somewhere where you want to look your best, but it is good for school where you dont want to clog your pores and you only need to cover certain areas. If you like being mostly natural, get this. Though ive heard it breaks some people out and my skin has been more spotty since using it, so? (my skin isn't sensitive by the way)

    My cousins from Jordan came over to the uk and bought 9 dream matte mouses:L so it is very popular

    I have no Idea about the revlon beyond natural foundation, but ive heard good things too

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    Luckily I've tried all 3 of these, so I'll put them to you in my preferred order with some explanation:

    1) The best drugstore foundation I've ever tried was Revlon Colorstay, though the skin match was iffy (as with me and all drugstore foundations) it stayed on all day and gave a lovely finish and coverage, though you might find it a tad heavy. The packaging is unfortunately the hardest to use out of the two being a glass bottle that you have to pour onto something before you can apply it, however, personally I really recommend it!

    2) I know Revlon Beyond Natural is meant to be SKIN MATCHING, but it never matched me! I had to get two different skin matching shades and mix them together! But that's just me and my annoying skin tone (NC42 in MAC, only brand that gets it exact). The consistency of this foundation is very sheer, and it obviously needs some good rubbing in so you get the actual colour and not some weird white glow, for me I didn't think it lasted very long and the coverage was medium but it faded very quickly, but it feels light on the face.

    3) Dream Matte Mousse has always felt weird on my face, I know other people like it, and maybe you will as well since its the cheapest out of the three, but I've never liked using it as a foundation, so instead I use it as a lip base. As far as shades go I'm impressed at Maybelline for selling a massive range, so I'm sure you could match up easily (even though for me, the closest one was just a tad too dark), I don't think the coverage is full on this one, or is meant to be, but the pot packaging makes it incredibly easy to apply, even if you're out and about.

    So its really up to you, they all have different qualities so you just need choose which one is most important to you.

    I hope this helped! :)


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    I have heard that the revlon colourstay is extremely cakey. I suggest the French brand Make up for ever! They have a new HD foundation that looks identical to your own skin and is so natural it looks like your not wearing anything! Their matte foundation velvet+ is oil free and gives high,high coverage whilst still looking natural. Easily one of the best brands available!

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    Seriously? don't wear any of it! Cheap makeup like that contains all sorts of chemicals that you do NOT want on your face! If you care about what you're putting on your face then try BareMinerals.

    Another good coverage brand is Makeup Forever which I think someone else already mentioned. Their HD makeup IS amazing!!! I def agree with the other person!!!

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    actually if ur up for other options i use dinair airbrush makeup and i LOVE covers everything, stays on all day, makes my skin look flawless, and its all water based so its not bad for my skin...ive been using their makeup for almost 4 years now and its my fav makeup ever! anywho..hope i helped...=)

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