A question about miscarriage (sorry)?

Hiya, thanks for reading. I hope no-one is upset by my question.I am not miscarrying myself but I have had one previously to this pregnancy. I dont know why I don't know this answer and it was never clearly explained to me when I had the miscarriage. But does a miscarriage happen ONLY because the baby-fetus died?

I may seem really silly and please don't think that but it never crossed my mind before. I know the miscarriage wouldnt of happened if the baby was OK, but can you become pregnant and have a baby that never formed past the point where it had a heartbeat?

I feel so silly but at what age does the baby get a heartbeat? I know I'm already past this Im just wondering.


2 Answers

  • Thats not a silly question. yes you can have a miscarriage before the baby forms. You can have one anytime from the moment of conception. I did a lot of research on this and from what i read miscarriage are quiet common. Some people have them and dont even realise. Its only now that we can test so early that people no there are pregnant so early. There are so many reasons why you can miscarriage and i think i would scare you if i told you them all. But the most common is due to a chromoscone abnormilaty that normally only happens once. A lot of women have one miscarriage and then go on to have a healthy baby. I had a early miscarriage in 2007 and then gave birth to my daughter in march.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's not a silly question. I have recently had 2 miscarriages. one in Oct 09 and i had only known i was pregnant for 4 days then i started to miscarry i have no idea why i miscarried that time. then i had another miscarriage on 28th of last month. they said that it wasn't a viable pregnancy as there was the sack but it was empty, so it just goes to show miscarriage happens for may reasons

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