Do they count how far along you are by the estimated date of conception, or the 1st day of your LMP?

For example, you conceived around the 22nd of the month, LMP was the around the 5th of that month. Today is the 5th of the next month and you test positive for pregnancy. Are you considered 1 month pregnant, or 2 weeks?

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    Your gestation is determined by the date of the the beginning of your LMP. So if your LMP was 7/5 and you conceived on 7/22 (which seems a tad bit late for ovulation, unless your cycle runs slightly long) you would be 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant on 8/5. Usually pregnancy is referred to in weeks rather than months, but as of 4 weeks you would be entering your second month. At an estimated 8-12 weeks your OB-GYN will usually run an ultrasound to measure the exact gestation age. But they can also and usually will draw blood before then to determine how high your hCG levels are and that can give you and them a pretty good estimate of how far along you are.

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    4 years ago

    sure, the due date is calculated from the date of your final menstrual era. utilising a due date calculator circle your due dates is Dec. third; it particularly is assuming you have wide-unfold 28 day cycles. extra effective than probable you would be getting an ultrasound in a month or so as which will extra effective are looking forward to how far alongside you're. For now, in simple terms savour understanding you're pregnant and don't difficulty too lots approximately due date in simple terms yet.

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    they go by your due date. mine wouldve been almost a week earlier, counting by my lmp but i have longer cycles and longer periods so when they did my first ultrasound they changed my due date.

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    Typically it's from the first day of your last period.

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