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how should i wire 1 dual 2 ohm to a mono class d amp?

I have a 1000 rms memphis class d amp with only 1 12inch orion pro 1000 watt peak sub. Also some info on how high to set the gain would be appreciated!

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    The 12" Orion is rated to handle 500 watts RMS. A Memphis 16-PR1X1000 monoblock outputs 320 watts RMS in 4 ohms, 580 watts into 2 ohms, and 1,000 watts into 1 ohm.

    The only safe way (if you do not want to blow the sub) is to wire the voice coils in series and use the 4 ohm output from the amp. Like Wiring Option #2 here:

    The amp is really a better match for a pair of DVC 4 ohm subs. In that case you would parallel both the voice coils and the subs to take advantage of the amps output of 1,000 watt RMS into a 1 ohm impedance giving each sub the maximum power it is rated to handle. Like Wiring Option #1 here:

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    parallel down to 1 ohm. - see site below

    set the gains with test tones.

    research online on how to use test tones. set crossover at like 120hz.

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    this site will take care of any possible ?? you could have about audio

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