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Does anyone else believe?

That for Boise State to compete for a National Championship in football they need to move to a bigger conference or at least play some stronger non conference games? I mean the worst team in the SEC could go undefeated playing Boise State's schedule!

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    I agree 1,000,000% but it won't happen. They'll play their cupcakes and back their way into the title game. I'm hoping that at least two other teams from BCS conferences go undefeated so Boise can't get into the game. If there were two undefeateds how could you put Boise in ahead of them?

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  • David
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    Well the worst team in the SEC last year was Vanderbilt, and they lost to ARMY last year, so I seriously doubt that the worst team would go undefeated.

    But Boise State will more than likely get there or not get there depending on how Virginia Tech finishes this season. If they beat Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech finishes 8-4 or 9-3, then they probably won't get a shot. However, if Virginia Tech finishes 10-2 or 11-1, you will be hard pressed to not have Boise State in the discussion, since most teams in the country may not have a road win bigger than that all year. And by the way, Boise State isn't to blame for their weak non-conference schedule, since they have an open invitation to any BCS school to play a home and home series. Its that schools either only want to play them on their own home field without going to play on the blue turf, or they just don't want to play them at all.

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    Yes Boise needs to have a stronger sched / conf to get into the BCS NC game, or the Big 4 need to have two loss teams for Boise to slide in.

    The SEC is good, but please quit being such a conference Homer and thinking the worst team will go undefeated in another conference. SEC fans and their constant chest thumping has become tiresome to all.

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