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How much wine is too much on a daily use?

My room mate drinks wine everyday and hides in her room to do so. She even hides the bottles and sneaks them in the trash on trash day. Is she to be considered and alcoholic.

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    Tricky! The big question is: Is it affecting her life? Yes, you say she hides in her room and hides the bottles. But is she late for work/class etc regularly? Does she lose friends or get in trouble because of the wine? If not, then that's a start. Maybe she really likes drinking but feels ashamed so hides in her room/hides evidence.

    Of course there is the possibility that she's doing her body harm, but the body has a remarkable capacity to deal with toxins like alcohol, as long as she isn't over the top.

    More than a bottle a day would be a worry, both for health reasons, but also because it shows a reliance on alcohol.

    Keep her out of her room and off the wine just for a few days. If she doesn't crumble then she's probably not dependent.

    Tread carefully, but don't make a big deal as this may push her further from you and further into alcohol!

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    Women are supposed to have no more then 2-3 units of alcohol a day, men 3-4 units a day. One glass of wine contains 1.3 units of alcohol so two glasses would be ok, anymore then that and she's drinking too much. Sounds to me like she's having too much

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    If she needs to hide her activities, then there is a problem, but it may just be with her own perceptions. Some people just feel guilty (about everything!) A couple of glasses of wine a day is not harmful, but if it goes over that on a daily basis, it may be too much. If you care about your roommate, why not talk to her? She could have a problem, or she could be feeling guilty about nothing.

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    unless the alcohol is forcing her to lose friends/jobs/ good hygiene then probably not.. if she doesn't need to be drunk to do everyday things then i really doubt she's an alcoholic, alot of people just enjoy a drink everyday

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