What should I know when moving to Sweden?

I'm moving to Sweden to study and I would like to hear some tips on what should and what shouldn't I do, how should I interact with my classmates and teachers so that I wouldn't offend them (or any other Swedes for that matter) and wouldn't be an outcast, any other useful information.

If it will help you answer the question or provide more useful information and tips, I'm Lithuanian, 17 years old, and I'm probably moving to Goteborg, where the school is located, or if I'm not able to get accommodation there, then I will live in Herrljunga.

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    Just be yourself. That sounds lame, I know, but it really is the most useful tip I can give you. I live in Sweden - have lived here all my life - and we've had a few students that were from different countries come live here. People will definitely be interested at first, most likely at your culture and what's it's like where you live. But that's the key word; AT FIRST, if you want to make friends you have to rope them in. Be friendly and smile, but don't overdo it. We've definitely had Chinese exchange students that were outcasts and who just stuck to themselves and spoke Chinese constantly. They viewed us as beneath them. They thought the workload in school was too laid-back. They thought Swedes were weird - they were too many blonde's. They complained about everything. Frankly, they were annoying as hell.

    What you should do at first is when you get to class, hold a speech. The teacher will most likely introduce you in Swedish (and English) and tell everyone where you're from and such. But don't just stop there; continue and talk about yourself and the reason of your stay. It may seem intimidating but it's really no biggie and people will think you're confident and will want to talk to you since you had the courage to talk about yourself. What you shouldn't do is act superior just because you're an immigrant. We've had too many of those here and no one likes them.

    And that's pretty much it. Gothenburg is an amazing city, better than Stockholm where there's too may tourists and Malmo where everything is too cramped together. Just enough entertainment in the city to keep you happy. I absolutely love it there, I hope you have a good stay.

    Lycka till och ta hand om dig!

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