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Where's a good safe cheap place to stay for carnival?

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    I went to Rio and stayed at Brothers Hostel in Botafogo, though it was not for carnival. I went on august and it was about 20 or 25 dollars per night. Good luck!

  • Milton
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    Check out private citizens who rent rooms in their apartments (condos) in Copacabana. Most of the apartment buildings have good security and pick a street like Rua Barata Ribeiro or Princessa de Copacabana or one of the streets running perpendicular to them. Even though the neighborhood is interspersed with favelas (slums) it is well patrolled by three police forces (local, provincial and federal) and when I lived there, I never had an incident that couldn't be easlily resolved.

    Carnival is no time to get raging drunk. That is when you can find yourself without your wallet, watch, shoes and pants. Enjoy the revelry but keep your radar running when you are in crowds.

    And always say "Muito obrigado" (thank you very much) when someone does something nice for you ... and they will. Cariocas (natives of Rio) are some of the friendliest and warmest people on earth and there is nothing they love more than to make new friends.

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    Cheap isn't easy to find.. but check (book in advance) the hostels - thats your best bet..

    if you can find one in Ipanema thats a lot safer and less seedy crowd than Copacabana..there are

    some hostels there (copa is just around teh corner from ipanema)

    also, check craigslist for places - all hotels are usually booked, and its sooo crowded during carnival.

    so book in advance - way in advance.

    also the Hostels in Leblon are good-just down the beach from Ipanema, try them for safe...

    any hotel along the beach will be good, but pricey.. or within a block or two of the beaches are okay

    good luck...

    also Pick up a copy of Rio for Partiers, it will have great advice for where to stay, what to do, they have an online site too, ... its a great reference for food, how to dress, where to go, and what time to go there ...

    you won't be disappointed.. (I have 2 copies)

    Source(s): I lived in Rio for a year and a half
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    Maceió! such beautifull city, and cheap! its so good as rio de janeiro!

    Source(s): I'm Brazilian
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