Colombian School and School Bands?

Well we are moving to colombia and i am a big symphonic and marching band member. So I wanted to know if in Colombia they have marching band and symphonic bands in the highschools and if they go to competitions like here in the US? If they practice as much as here and if they take band seriously in all schools?

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    They do. In fact, many timess in a year, you see the marching bands going through the streets of the city playing and everyone looks out in the window and watch as they perform through the city. it's pretty cool. BTW u are so lucky to be moving to Colombia. Do you have Colombian family or what???

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    yes, they have, in some schools, but not in every school, depens of the city, but yes, they have! and they take it seriously.

    though they take it seriously, when i say ¨they¨ i mean, teachers and the principal, student dont really like it, but is some schools is a must-do thing, if you dont you will loose a subject or in behavior! i had a friend who hated it and sucked but she had to be there.

    an advice, dance and football (soccer) classes are obligatory! and least in most of schools, girls with more intensity in dance and boys in soccer, but that really important in colombia ;) but n general people is nice and schools as well so enjoy and SMILE :)

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