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Correct hermit crab stuff?

I'm going to get 2 jumbo hermit crabs soon. I have a 10 gallon tank and i'm using sand as substrate. A have a food dish, water dish, salt water dish, mister bottle, a sponge, extra shells, a coco hut, and 2 fake plants do I need anything else? Also should I buy a critter carrier to take them home in?

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    That sounds like a good start. How deep is your substrate? You're going to need it to be about twice as deep as your crabs so they can bury to molt and destress. Also, make sure your sand is sandcastle consistancy.

    You will need some sort of heat source and a thermometer. The temp needs to be between 75-80.

    You'll also need a hydgrometer. The humidity should be around 80%

    Here are some websites to check out for more info:

    Sounds like you're off to a really good start.

    Source(s): Own 12 Hermit Crabs
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    that set up looks good. you need to have enough sand so they can dig themselfs in. They love to do that. A critter carrier would be a waste of money if they will only be in a the cup for less then a couplle hours.

    good luck

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    we've a hermit crab and she or he's 4 years previous. We had extremely some mutually along with her yet they'd die. Her call is fortunate. And all I do is she is in a dome aquarium, i make the main of aquarium sand, the colored sand located that indoors the backside of the dry aquarium, then you are able to use purely a sprint of aquarium rocks and combine indoors the sand for grip for them. Then I certainly have a water dish purely for hermit crabs and a sponge that I chop up in 0.5 so it is going to place flat on the backside. My hermit crab likes to consume a pitch of goldfish nutrition, hermit crab Neopolitan cookies ( witch I furnish her 3), Crab Island-fruit & flower crab nutrition, And hermit crab cakes approximately 3. i located all this nutrition ( purely a pinch of each in a shell. make certain your dishes and the shell you make the main of is sparkling and dried until now you place it to apply for the hermit crab. Then there is hut it there for her to disguise. and you gets some faux water plant existence for aquariums and put in there they desire to climb. bypass up and bypass into opposite. that's neat and thrilling to computer screen our hermit crab. you ought to boil an egg and furnish it a sprint additionally the cheese puff chips you ought to consume. top located one in and your hermit crab will bypass to city on it. They love them. additionally you do no longer in all probability would desire to purchase greater beneficial appropriate than a million hermit crab to envision it lives. i understand from experience. a million is all we've via certainty something died the 1st we've been given this one and we had approximately 6 in there and none of them made it. we've had fortunate all to her self for 4 years. additionally i approximately forgot to aid you already know hermit crabs % for to be sprayed with a warmth water bottle. purely take your crab out of the aquarium and carry it and spray it with purely warmth water.they like it. we will additionally furnish ours kisses. And we look for suggestion from mutually along with her. Why she is a her. is that ladies have furry legs and the adult males do no longer. have thrilling and robust fulfillment i understand we adore our hermit crab. Oh do no longer forget to have some shells like what they have of their physique to disguise them they like the same shape yet larger. So seem on the ingredient of the shell your hermit crab is obtainable in, reason they are choosy.

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