Who tastes better to wild animals, men or women?

wild animals that are known to eat people, that is

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    Human's,because of our disgusting dietary habits,are not that appetizing to animals as we have low protein and nutritional value to their diet. The amount of actual meat on a human body wouldn't really be worth it to an animal when they could be hunting deer or something like that with a larger body mass and therfor,more food. But from what I've heard and read,men are more predominantly attacked by animals. This is probably because of hunting or other outdoorsy things men like to do. Also,this is a random fact but 89% of people struck my lightning,are male!

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  • Ok, I have to answer this because I've been to Fiji and went on an eco-tour that included a village visit. While the host may have been being facetious, we were informed that humans are tasty and quite salty. Unfortunately, they did not differentiate between male and female. Although for the time period, they were probably only eating males as females were not that widely traveled.

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    It depends on the animal,habitat,animal population,status,and human population around them?!!!!!!

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