Pictures that will make a stir?

I need some photo shoot ideas that are eye catching,and jaw will be a couples shoot.we have lights,trac lighting every color.we also have neon signs,and lots of props and what not.I would prefer it be music themed but not just a girl and a guy holding a guitar you know? thank you for your time in advance.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, I suppose you could always do the photo session in the nude. That will certainly make a STIR, you know? Seriously, a guy and a girl holding a guitar CAN make a stir. The stir comes from the way you pose and especially the facial expressions you exhibit during the shoot.

    Photo shoots are ALL ABOUT the pose and the facial expressions. That is why professional models make so much money. They have incredible poses that they can instinctively exhibit at the command of the photographer and the accompany those poses with the appropriate facial expressions. Most people just stand there and smile. I suggest you practice for along time in front of a mirror and get your pose and facial expressions down cold before you to to the studio.

    God Luck to you!

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