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i have something that looks like a hickey !!?

please help me i have this wierd thing on my neck that looks like a hickey but it is not im 14 and i don't do nasty shyt like that it think hickeys are trashy and cheep looking .. anyways im embarrassed that my sister and my parents might think it's a hickey what should i do ?? and i don't wanna go in public because i always see people with hickeys and they look horrible so i don't want people to think that i have one !!! :(

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    I have a friend that has something like that, and she figured out that it is a bruise. Also, it could be something that your body just formed, nothing to be worried about! To hide it, and its not too high, you could wear certain clothes like jackets and hoodies. Another way to hide it is gently putting cover up on it :)

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    Yikes! Yes, I do suppose it is gross -- it is like an statement to the sector that you just had been scorching and heavy with any one not too long ago - it offers up WAY an excessive amount of understanding! It's cheesy and occasional-elegance and even as I do not like stereotyping -- it comes throughout like a Blue Collar Comedy activities...I'm pondering the shop wasn't Nieman-Marcus or Nordstrom's!?!?! Hey, I move to Walmart and KMart too, however now not in a halter most sensible and stretch pants with hickeys on my neck....And I cannot raise my man's opt for-up even as he alterations the tire!

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