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my 14 year old female cat has in the last day or two started dribbling urine around the room. What can i do?

My 14 year old female cat has started having trouble doing the toilet and has recently started peeing around the living room. At first we thought it was because the litter tray was dirty but it was fine and yet the cat continued to pee everywhere. She is a house cat and very rarely goes outside. She has been well looked after and spoiled rotten all of her live and has never had kittens. I am just wondering if this is her organs shutting down or if the vet will recommend anything other than putting her to sleep.

Thanks in advance for your help



can i just say im not saying i'll get her put down as punishment i was just thinking it would be best if her organs were failing.

anyway thanks for all the answers guys i'm taking her to the vet tomorrow morning as i'm going to get our 3 year old male cat neutured as he keeps fighting with other male cats and hanging around cats on heat!

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    Take her to the vet! It may be just a bladder infection she may be cured of. It might just make her feel better for the time being.

    But it may be time to consider if/when to let her go...at some point, euthanasia may be the kindest choice.

    I was in the same situation with my 18-year old female cat a few years ago. She was the last of a generation of four. I brought her to the vet to have her put down, thinking she might be suffering and that it was "her time". But they were able to give her intravenous medicine to take away her nausea & frequent vomiting, so she felt better and was able & willing to eat again. She was as content as can be and more loving than ever, for about another year. At that point I could tell, for sure, that she was dying. At this point I brought her to the vet to do my final kindness to her - I held her as she went out. She was my "Little Princess" - I am typing through tears just thinking about her. My 19-year-old "baby".

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    Well...our kitten did that for a while. What we did was just picked him up and put him in the litter pan, and he got the message. She may be doing it just to be a pain and be stubborn. Don't let her get away with it. Try taking her to the litter pan everytime she does it and you see. If it continues, take her to the vet. I don't think you should put her to sleep over that. There are sprays that eliminate the cat pee.

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    As cats get older, they can sometimes experience memory loss. It's embarrassing for them, so don't punish her. She may be forgetting where her litter box is, or she might have some type of urinary problem. The best thing to do is to take her to the vet and give as many details as possible.

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    Your cat has either a bladder of kidney infection or kidney disease. A bladder infection can be cured easily with antibiotic as can a kidney infection. If she has kidney disease the appropriate diet and medication can help tremendously. My cat lived several years with failing kidneys and I only made the final decision when she could no longer live pain free and a happy healthy life.

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    They'll probably diagnose a kidney or bladder problem and prescribe stuff to clear it up. Old ladies of every species are prone to such things; it's very unlikely to be anything worse.

    And even if it is summat worse, the vet is the best one to advise you and help her.

    Hope all goes well!

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