Bush blocked VA health care benefits repubs vote against bill to help 911 victims; why do cons hate our heroes?

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    They pay lip service to supporting our heroes, and the ignorant buy it. If they spent a little more time fact checking they'd see that Republicans consistently cut funding for vets, whether it's in the form of health care or GI benefits. I grew up in a military family, and it was always the Democrats who sponsored pay raises, and always the Republicans who voted against them.

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    I have heard this before...exactly what did Bush cut from VA benefits?

    My dad was WW2, wounded in combat in 1943. When he finally became disabled from the wound he received, the VA took great care of him. During Bush's second term he was under my care for 4 years. He never wanted for anything as far as medical care or financial matters. The VA and SS paid him very well and he was no higher in rank than PVT. When his health really got bad and he needed 24 hr nursing care he was given a private room and everything was paid 100% by the VA. When he died, President Bush sent a letter of condolence, and we received medals that Dad had never received while he was alive.

    So what are people talking about when they say Bush cut VA benefits?

    Also, just what is in that bill to help 9/11 victims? Congress has some very bad habits of putting things in bills that have nothing to do with the cover story. Was the compensation not enough. Would they be cut off after receiving a few thousand when their health conditions continue to get worse, etc.

    You need to get the whole story on this and not believe everything CNN tells you.

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    1 decade ago

    What do VA health care benefits (provided by the military) have to do with the 9/11 victims?

    Source(s): And by the way, it's 9/11...you know a date. Not 911....a phone number. If you cared so much about our heroes, you would at least know that.
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    Let me preface by pointing out that I am a progressive liberal...

    All of this is just politics. Republicans and Democrats alike are playing politics with this issue just the same, and it is despicable. I am from NY, have friends that are FDNY, and my own father was a part of the recovery effort at WTC. This is despicable of both parties and needs to stop.

    The bill got 255 votes, and only needed 218 to pass, except that democrats used special rules to avoid getting amendments put on the bill. Republicans are just as much to blame for playing politics by trying to put controversial amendments on the bill. Both sides deserve to be b*tch-slapped. And the fact that there were 155 republican and 4 democratic members of the House that voted against this... I'm just sick to my stomach.

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    Sorry sparky, Clinton reduced the VA by 30% in his years, yes Bush could of done more but he did at least raise it to pre 2000 levels..

    This bill could of been passed by 218...... why if so important then the left hampers itself for a 255 vote.... WHEN THEY HAD THE VOTES......

    have some more Koolaid

    Source(s): 30 Years Military
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    democrats attached ammendments to embarass republicans which would ensure the republicans voted against it then they required a 2/3 vote to pass it so the republicans couldn't ammend out the things they didn't like. The democrats were able to vote for it knowing the crap they had attached would not pass. The whole show was staged to make republicans look bad and you bought it hook line and sinker.

    Good for you. I bet you are really a smart and observant person and this is just an off day.

    I hope you feel better tomorrow.

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    The Bill sat in Congress for three years thanks to Pelosi and the Donks and only til they could find enough pork to add to it did the decide to put it up for a vote! How slimy is that?

    "This legislation as written creates a huge $8.4 billion slush fund paid by taxpayers that is open to abuse, fraud and waste,"

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2010/07/2...

    Source(s): We couldn't stop health care, we sure couldn't stop this...
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    That is just what they do. It is business model. If you can help, as a person or employee or soldier, then you are an asset and you have value. When that aspect stops, you become a liability and are left to fend for your self.

    Source(s): liiffee
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    You would have to be a complete mouth breather to believe that the Republicans could block anything that the Democrat Party really wanted passed. The Democrats were simply seeking political capital using our "Heroes". The bill can be presented again at any time and in a form that will pass. It is Pelosi's call.

  • Bobbi
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    We hate another government entitlement program costing millions alone in administrative costs. and what about our Oklahoma City bombing victims ??? they got thousands of dollars. not the millions in potential life-long benefits from this ENTITLEMENT PROGRAM, which is automatically renewed each year.

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