Fellow believers:How to convince my sister having sex is wrong?

My sister is only 21 and is no longer a virgin, she has confirmed that she has been with more than 1 guy. At this rate I am afraid she's gonna end up dead soon. Loose women end up as prostitutes and are murdered ferociously by men who bed them but hate them. I want to show her the pureness of the Lord and I want to convince her to become born again in the spirit.

I dont want to hurt her feelings but this is sl ut behavior. HELP!


In the good old days girls were brought up to respect themselves too much to ever ever have sex unmarried and they got rid of the babies if they got preggo, now it seems females have no shame.

They want sex like MEN! SAD.

Update 2:

I recommend anyone consumed by evil lustful thinking to CLEANSE themselves!

Cover yourselves as the muslims do. Purge yourselves of modern amenities, books, movies, shows, music. Become one with GOODNESS!

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    No, sex is not wrong. It is that sex is God's gift to married people. Teach by your own example, that is the best way.

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    You should read some medical journals with an open mind. Sex is not wrong. Perhaps when it is wanton and indiscriminate it can lead to situations where health might become affected. There is also a risk of pregnancy but if she is practising safe sex then she will only have the partners she picks to worry about.

    She might end up getting hurt physically or emotionally but its her choice to run the risk. You need to tell her you care about her and your worries she might take more care than she normally does.

    I think the statement you have made about females having no shame is not correct. I think it has more to do with the fact that women are to be treated like men as in law They have no need to feel shame about what they like doing as long as it is legal. They might feel shame after they make a mistake but that is natural. The point is why close the door to a world just because it could lead to a bad end.

    After all I assume you are a product of that world that did not lead to a ban end. There is more positive sex stories than bad young man.

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    ??? "In the good old days girls were brought up to respect themselves too much to ever ever have sex unmarried and they got rid of the babies if they got preggo" ???

    did you just applaud abortions as being more virtuous than becoming an unwed mother?

    If the hormones God gave her get frustrated, she'll just end up being really, really confused trying to tell lust from love. You don't really want her to make a life-long commitment to to the first good F she comes across, do you?

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    There's a kind of philosophy i have.

    Think of pre-marital sex as betraying ones future husband or wife.

    Sounds like a ludicrous notion but let me explain...

    The gift of virginity is one which comes once; and to deprive ones future life partner of this sacred gift it's simply quite selfish. What is the benefit of waiting? people always ask me; and I say well...

    1) I want my wdding night to be something truly special, a first experiance and something when i can give that one time gift to the love of life.

    2) I don't want to treat myself as a tool of pleasure, or selfish gain and in marriage God's grace bonds the pair in a spiritual way; and God whom is the ultimate Love becomes apart of that relationship; and this occurs only in marriage. In this way only sex in the marriage of God is done in total love.

    3) I do not want to burden my future wife with the experiences of sex i have had with other people.

    I'm sorry i put my Catholic spin on it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just think sex would be most beautiful when done with that 100% ONE and ONLY person. To give such a unique gift to that ONE and ONLY would be amazing. And that's why i keep the way I am. To convince your sister you can only voice your opinon. She will make her own choices, but if she chooses to have sex continuly at least tell her to ensure she intacts her dignity and not to be used as a tool or an object. That is the risk of pre-marital sex; you can not guarantee the love in 'making love'. In marriage Love may not always last; but perhaps it never was true love at all.

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    The first thing to do would be to stop preaching to her like you are better than everyone else. Women who sleep around don't all end up murdered by men they sleep with. That's very rare considering how many women sleep around. Talk to her about self respect, not the off chance that she'll be the victim of murder.

    To be Christian is to lead by example, not to judge other people.

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    Well, I mean first she has to want God for herself. Tell her that living in sin will result in her ending up in Hell when she dies. But sex is not bad its just for marriage. I want sex too but I am not going to sleep around before marriage.

    Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God

    1 Corinthians 6:9

    EDIT: I didnt answer the question like I wanted to becuae you do kinda sound like a troll. I hope you are not lauging behind that computer screen. Are you serious?

    EDIT: WAIT....you are a troll hahahah good one!

  • Ridney
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    The good old days weren't all that great, to be honest, and having sex with more than one person isn't necessarily slutty. Sex isn't evil; it's normal human/animal behavior. If you think it's important to abstain until marriage, go ahead and abstain. Your sister obviously does not, and that's fine, too. It's her life.

  • Casey
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    ++++++Read Revelation 20:11-15 to her, then she can make her own decision after that. Everyone has a free will to choose. You can't force it. Also pray for the people we love.+++++++

    Source(s): The Bible
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    Lead by EXAMPLE is all you CAN do..

    I understand what you're saying..

    it is better to just BE THERE without JUDGEMENT for her..

    then try to 'convince her' or CHANGE HER..

    if SHE'S not interested in CHANGING..

    you may just PUSH HER farther away..

    by your judgemental attitude.

    again, I do understand what you're wanting, it's nice thought..

    but usually we see in others.. what we OURSELVES.. need help with or changing??

    but admirable to want to HELP your sister..


    could possibly just tell her about DISEASES, pregnancy, emptiness of not being WANTED back.. if she has sex and the guy leaves..

    lots of EMOTION tied up in that.

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    it's too late to convince at 21 yo, it comes from childhood, education and family Christian traditions (baptism, going to the church, reading Bible, prayers etc)

    Be a Christian, a good example for her, pray a lot, maybe speak with priest. God wants to save her even more then you can imagine and I'm sure He has already a perfect plan.

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