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Wyclif Jean the Hip hop artist running for president of Haiti?

does anybody know about this ?

who will tony yayo lloyd banks and DJ whoo kid vote for ?

would you vote for a rapper to be your president ?

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    Yeah, he officially announced his bid a couple days ago. Just skeeming over the stuff I've read though, I'll doubt that he''ll be able to actually run due to qualifications, including having to have lived in Haiti for five consecutive years before running. Luckily for Wyclef, his family (including an uncle who serves as an ambassador to the nation) may technically qualify him for this. But I'm sure he'll have a lot of opposition with regard to this qualification.

    In any case, while I strongly disagree with much of Wyclef's politics and would never vote for him, it looks like if he is able to run, he'll have a good chance of winning if he can unite the youth. I'm not sure if Whoo Kid and Yayo (Banks is Puerto Rican), are even eligible to vote or, if they are, do. But I'm sure they'd support Wyclef as they've all been involved in various Haiti relief projects together and have supported one another in the past (Plus I'm sure that if Yayo and Whoo Kid, who I'm pretty sure can't even vote in HAitian elections, Yayo might not be able to vote in the US even due to felonies, do vote, they wouldn't take the time to dissect each candidate).

    Sir Mix A Lot is a self proclaimed Libertarian, so that'd be nice. Biz Markie would be dope as hell too though!

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    Ya method man. Weed :P. Redman for vice president and GZA for secretary of state lmao

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    knew it and i actually think he would b a good president(not great good)

    who cares

    depends on the rapper

    lol the wu already does mi banking

    Source(s): "Time To Diversify Yo Bonds Nigga"
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    I knew, I think I'd vote for him.

    No....just no...

    Depends on the rapper. But yes, I would.

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  • Yes i'd vote for Chuck D or Krs one!!! or maybe even Paris!

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    the sad thing is he'll probably win.

    Q2: no idea...they're not really friends with Wyclef...oh and Banks isn't Haitian.

    Q3: no.

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    lol an action star became president, so it wouldn't suprise me :P

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    not answering the 2nd question -_-



    smh at this question..

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