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My dog bit me and it's swelling?

Last night around 8 my dogs were fighting and I broke it up. But I came out with 2 pretty bad wounds and another two that weren't so bad. The wounds are on my wrist and it hurts to move my arm around. I was treated at urgent care and it got butterfly Stitches. I'm afraid the my dog might have hit a nerve.

I want to know if a hurt nerve swells and how to help the swelling and pain. I feel the pain between my index and middle fingers and on my wrist near where the palm of your hands starts.


I got strong prescription antibiotics that are supposedly meant for animal wounds and I got my tetanus shot

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    when two dogs fight NEVER get into it yourself, break it off by dumping a bucket of cold water over them, it could be infected so check with a doctor

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    did they give you any antibiotics to take? You should return to the clinic and show them the swelling, you don't want infection taking place in there.

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    Its rabies. That means its game over for you. Better start doing a will if you haven't hehe

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