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Anyone has experience with this site :

Just three days i had registered with this site.................. but i was unable to enter into the members area i contacted the customer support they said we could not find a active account fro your name and asked my order id.........................but today i went to my bank and happen to see that they have debited their membership amount from my bank account. :O

So do you guys thin this site is a scam ????

Does anyone know anything of this site ???????

Guys plz help .....thanks to all :-)

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    I say you bail on that site and switch to

    it never fails for me. Simple as.

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    Dont use this site, it is a con site.

    I hope your using firefox, if not donwload it here and dont use Internet Explorer

    then put download this add on for firefox :

    Web Of trust tells you wether sites are good or bad, as soon as i clicked on Dl-access, it told me it was a con site.

    Never go onto a site with a red circle ( which you wil see when you donwload Web of Trust)

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    looks like spam to me

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