Ozone Therapy for slip disk -actual patient experience?

My niece had a slip disk problem 8 months ago. Bed rest and physiotherapy, acupressure has not helped to reduce the pain in L4-L5 region. Before deciding on Surgery, she wants to try Ozone Therapy in Bombay Hospital in Mumbai. ozone therapy is a new technique. She wants to know the actual experiences of similar patients.

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    Better ask in the category "Alternative Medicine" here.

    Also ask in the GoogleGroup "Unconventional Medicine". There are a number of Indian practitioners that post on ozone therapies there.


    I know it works on ruptured disks, not sure how / if it works on slipped disks.

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    Ozone Therapy In Mumbai

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    Oh honey, just get it over with. Herniated discs are SO painful. I had one for about a month and tried everything I could until I finally just gave in and had the surgery. My surgeon performed a non/minimally-invasive laminectomy (mine was L5 S1, by the way) where the incision was less than an inch long and the surgery took only half an hour. (If she gets surgery, tell her to find one who does the non/minimally invasive!!) Now my leg pain is GONE (I had the surgery yesterday), and I have only a mild discomfort in my lower back that is not as bad as the herniated disc felt. That discomfort will go away in a couple of days, it's already feeling better than yesterday. I walked around my house without a cane for the first time in a month today. By the way, I am SO scared of anything medical/doctor/surgery related. I cried for three days straight before I had the surgery, I was so scared. Now I can honestly tell you that I am so glad I had it done. It was SO not a big deal like I thought it was going to be. Please tell your niece not to hurt anymore and to just get the pain over with!

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    At Doctor Kares Hospital (Delhi/ Gurgaon), our founder, Dr. Vijay Sheel Kumar, President of the World Federation of Ozone Therapy, was the first to introduce Intradiscal Ozone Discectomy (Ozonucleolysis) to India in 2003. It has now grown in popularity in other centers in India. We would be happy to introduce you to some patients so you can learn from them their experience of ozone therapy. Email us at info@doctorkares.com or call us at 9990301101.

    Source(s): www.doctorkares.com www.ozoneforumofindia.com
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