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I decided i do want my ex back. Now what though?

Is it better to play it cool and remain friends or to just come out and say i want to give it another shot? we just recently became friends and he seems to be giving signs he misses me but I'm scared to tell him i want him back and push him away. Is it better to just hang around and see what develops on its own or to put it out there?

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    What's the worst that could happen? He's not interested in getting back into a relationship and you lose your friendship.

    You want more than friendship - it will be extremely difficult to hang out as "just friends" when you are pining for him.

    Move forward or backward. Take the chance and tell him how you feel.

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    A closed mouth doesnt get fed. In other words, if you dont speak up how is anyone going to know what you want? If you are planning to be in a relationship with anyone communication is the very key to success...dont play guessing games, talk to him.

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    I understand your problem my ex-girl friend tried it again for alittle while and it didnt work out.there was too many issues to deal with.

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    GO TELL HIM HOW YOU FEEL ! God.....why are people afraid to say the truth about how they feel?

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    calmly state the facts.

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    When you are alone together whisper in his ear "I want you now"

    Guys are easy!

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