such a different engagement ring?

i was thinking this for my girlfriends engagement ring. opinions? suggestion?

to get a good diamond would be more than 200. i just dont have that kind of money right now.

does anyone else have a non-traditional egagement ring?

the gold will be pink gold and a pink pearl but the same style.

or this:

i posted this question earlier but i think i should clarify some things.

i have saved up but there are more crucial things to spend money on than a ring. like the house (soon to be ours) paying for the wedding which is 9k so far. and for the honeymoon which is 5 days in hawaii and 5 days in paris. not to mention starting a fund for a future baby a few years down the road. so from all that, i only really have a couple hundred bucks for the ring.


its not a college fund. its too take care of a baby. its better to have a couple years worth of cash than looking for coupons for diapers and formula.

she wants a baby by age 22. which is 2 years from now. babies are expensive you know. a ring is just a loop of metal.

Update 2:

exactly, thats why its better to save a couple grand for emergencies rather than put in towards a ring.

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    Wait 4-5 years and see what rings you like at that time. Hopefully you will then have more spending money saved up.

    I really suggest you include her in picking out the ring, especially if you're going unique.

    Girls that would like the rings you linked to are few and far between. Pearl also isn't the best choice for an engagement ring, it is too soft, and the way it sits on those cheap rings, I just see it getting knocked off.

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    I have to agree that a pearl is not a practical stone for an engagement ring. I like the first one, but it is more for a dressy ring to be worn on special occasions.

    You sound like a responsible person thinking of the future, but if you can spend $9000 on a wedding, and take a honeymoon in two countries, you can certainly afford more than $200 for a ring. When you said a ring is just a loop of metal, it shows that you have absolutely no idea what an engagement ring means to most women. It is a symbol of love, and if you buy a cheap ring, it will show her friends that you are cheap.

    Shave some off the wedding, postpone starting saving for a baby, and choose only one place for your honeymoon. Then you can afford to buy your sweetheart a ring she will be thrilled to show to everyone! And one that will last for many many years. Save the pearl ring for one of your anniversaries.

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    the first ring is beautiful, but as a young woman it could be upsetting to recieve an unusual choice for an engagement ring.

    i understand your position entirely - my fiance and i got engaged when i was 17 (i'm almost 20 now) and the ring i have is a very small diamond solitaire set in white gold that we got together from an independent jewellers, costing around £250 - not a massive amount of money to spend on a ring these days, but i love the ring because we chose it together and it was a happy day and because three years on it's still sparkling merrily.

    if you have money set aside for other things, dip into the different funds for small amounts - a hundred here and a hundred there - and try and get together around $400 to buy a half decent stone that will last and will reflect the true tradition of engagement.

    you have the rest of your life to accrue money - you only get one chance at this.

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    i agree with everyone on the idea of a peal. its very soft and probably wont last very long. they're beautiful rings though, just not for an engagement ring.

    i also agree that you're thinking too far into the future. i'm a huge planner as well. i'm 18 and my boyfriend and i already have our 2015 wedding completely planned out. but i would forget about the baby fund for right now and take some more time to save up for the ring. the ring is very important to a girl. its something she wears for the rest of her life.

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    I will tell you what I tell every man who suggests buying a non-traditional (ie diamond) engagement ring - She will love it if she knows it's coming and it's not a diamond. No girl wants to be surprised with a non-diamond and then have to show it off to everyone as an engagement ring and then explain WHY it's not a diamond.

    In summary, unless you know she wants a pearl ring - don't do it. She will be heartbroken, especially if she is young. Every girl wants a diamond.

    Personally, I'd buy a smaller one set in a solitaire setting, with the thought of replacing it in 10 years with a larger stone for the center and using the original and a matching one to set on either side of the new bigger stone.

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    My answer is still the same as before. A pearl ring will not last as long as a gemstone.

    For you to have up to ten grand for a four hour wedding and thousands more for a trip to Hawaii and Paris and only $200.00 for a ring shows where your priorities are. And, that is your choice, of course. But, long after the wedding day and the Honeymoon, your girl will be wearing a damaged pearl ring or no ring at all.

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    I think you are smart to be budget conscious. You can always upgrade to a bigger ring later on if she wants to do so but she might not mind at all. Have you considered Moissanite? It is a lab created stone but is actually more brilliant than a diamond. It comes with a lifetime guarantee to never lose its brilliance too so it is actually more sparkly than any diamond! You can get them for relatively inexpensive prices as well and they look beautiful! They are second in hardness only to diamonds which means they are much more durable than other gemstones or pearls. You can find a lot of Moissanite engagement rings at Good luck with your search!

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    The ring itself: no one will know it's an engagement ring. Even if she wears it on the proper finger, people will think of it as more of a toy ring.

    Saving money: obviously if you have enough to save for a house, you can skim some money off of that to pay for a ring. You don't need to go with a $20,000 ring, but a $3,000 ring will at least be reasonable. If you can't afford more than a few hundred for a ring, don't buy a house. Plumbing leak = few hundred. Air conditioner goes out = few thousand. Painting = few hundred. Need new furniture and wall furnishings = thousands, etc. A house costs much, much more than the mortgage payment, even a "brand new" house (which are often the worst - house settles and you need to re-plumb doors and windows and fix wall and foundation cracks).

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    I like the first ring better and I do think its great that you have your financial priorities straight however the ring is important she will probably wear it every day for the rest of her life (hopefully) but I don't think its a bad thing to pay less and get something she will still love that is also unique!

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    you are thinking too far down the road. forget the baby fund for right now and spend a little more on the ring. you can start the baby fund later....anyway, most people do not save up money for having babies and they wait until they are at least pregant before starting a college fund. the ring is pretty but only get that if you are 100% sure she would love it. don't get it just because you think you can't afford a better ring. you can make payments and that would be the same difference as setting money aside for this far distant currently non-existant future baby.

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