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Do we really need teachers in this day and age?

I have just been thinking and we now have the capability to stream HD video over the net so do we really need teachers for ALL subjects? Perhaps not math were you need a more personal approach. It would mean teachers wont be needed anymore making education far cheaper.

But I wonder, many students would not pay attention, only the ones who value their education.

There is also the benefit of not being distracted by peers, its hard to concentrate in classrooms when everyone is talking. But then I guess Facebook would be the new distraction.

I doubt teaching will be as conventional in 50 years, it will change someday I'm sure.

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    Yes, humans need humans. We are social animals.

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    I would hope teaching would change in 50 years.

    However, I think there will be a continued need for teachers to help youth develop and affirm attitudes and values that some parents fail to instill. This is done as much by example as it is done by "preaching."

    Over the PAST 50 years we have seen the development of various types of "teaching" machines. While much factual knowledge may be gained from audio/visual mechanisms, those can be rather "robot-like." Thinking, feeling, evaluating, comparing, exchanging, interacting, judging are parts of learning which can best be accomplished with the assistance of a teacher.

    Source(s): Retired teacher, principal, counselor
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    We need teachers in a few areas but most subjects are a waste of our childhood.

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    yes, we do. In my experience, most students need personal contact

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