How to install network adaptors on Windows XP?

I recently completely reset my windows XP, and want to establish and internet connection. Since it was restored, it no longer has any network adaptors (i know it has the hardware, but it seems not the software? its been able to connect through this router before) How do i install these? If it helps, I have the Windows XP Professional disk here with me, and the computer is already set-up for internet usage. Its connected using an ethernet cable to my modem (of which the internet is working) thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to install the drivers for your network adapters. XP is over 8 years old now and does not include all NIC drivers with the OS. You'll have to go to the computer or NIC manufacturer's website and download the drivers using another machine and then use a thumb drive or burn them to a CD or DVD to install them on your machine.

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    4 years ago

    are you particular it extremely is XP expert. in basic terms because of fact it has the different sort login container does not propose it extremely is xp expert. XP domicile has the alternative of the different type of login container too, and according to probability installation the usb adapter circuitously replaced that selection

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