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how do i no if my hair straightener is hot/ready?

so i just got a straightener and i dont know if it is ready to be used. plz help


mine doesnt have a light on it. oh and its a conair:ceramic series.

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    plug it in. set the heat setting - I always do mine on high.

    If there's a flashing light wait until it's not flashing anymore or - wait until it's hot -- then it's ready.

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    You should have a light button on it, when its lights up it done, otherwise you will have to touch it, mostly its would take up to 2 minutes to get really hot.

  • Jack
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    close it on your arm, lol if its ready you will know haha lol. it will be hot when its ready and usually there is a little light that comes on.

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    most hair straightners have a little light and when its heating up the light will flash and when its ready it will just be on not flashing. idk if your straightner has that though but most do. if not just wait like ten minutes

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