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Labor Laws in Wisconsin?

So I've been working for almost an entire month without getting a full day off. Even more recently I've been working 12 hour shifts daily, and although I get a short lunch break, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do this if I don't get a day off to rest and recuperate.

I've brought these things up to my supervisor (may have mentioned it in my last question), and the response I get is "it's the field season", and yet I'm the only one here out of five people that has to work this much.

I do care for animals, although they do not require attention daily. I'm also on a low salary more or less for the summer because all of the money I'm being paid with comes from grants and fellowships. So, no, I do not get paid overtime. I've had a few afternoons off (usually only one a week though) to go visit my grandfather who recently was diagnosed with a bone destroying disease.

Is this legal? Is there some way I can fight for a full day off?

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    With VERY few industry specific exceptions where there is a public safety factor (airline pilot, truck driver, in some states nurses), there are no laws for general employment in any state requiring any particular number of hours off between shifts or time off after so many days worked. Wisconsin labor laws state that you must be paid an overtime rate of pay for any hours worked over 40 in a one week pay period or 80 hours in a two week pay period. Wisconsin is one of the few states that actually mandate a lunch break (the majority of states do not).

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