car mechanic question: what should i do?

I just got my car fixed by a reputable mechanic. I was having problems with my coolant system. He said my primary problem was that I had a hole in my resevoir which was why it was overheating, but he also recommended that I replace my head gasket and thermostat. When i finally went to him to have the work done, all he did was replace the coolant tank and replace the old coolant that was in there. He forgot all about the gasket and thermostat. I noticed my car is still running a little hot, but not as bad as before. I know this guy is a good mechanic, but I figured that he prob was swamped with cars which is why he forgot about the other stuff. What should i do?

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    that would be a very good mechanic,keep in touch with him with your symptoms and youll probably be happy with him.he is just trying to save you a buck.gut instinct is to throw everything at a problem.he is diagnosing,and you can bet hes right on track,and yes you may still need a head gasket,but why do it if it doesnt need it?just dont get it blistering hot in the meantime.

    Source(s): that is the same thing i would have done,only difference is i would have parked it in the sun with the a/c running and checked to see if you were still using coolant or getting hot.he may have.
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    First I'd check to make sure it is full of coolant. With the motor cold check the fuid in the radiator its self not the small tank.. The coolant should be all the way to the top or no more than 1 inch below the top.. if it is lower than that fill it.. then fill the over flow tank..

    Then drive the car and watch the temp gage.. and the coolant level at first don't worry about it if it pushes out some coolant and it well push out any over fill and find its own level it likes.. then if it contenues to over heat check to see that it not still leaking or a head gasket..

    good luck


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    if he,s too busy have someone change the thermostat for you. i would hold off on the head gasket until you get the other stuff fixed. it even might be the fan not kicking on, the radiator needs flushed, cap is bad on the radiator or the water pump. once you get your car all warmed up feel the top hose on the radiator. if it feels hot when the engine is hot then it means the thermostat is opening.

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    Perhaps he wasn't sure if its in fact was the head gasket. To save you time, hassle and unnecessary repair, he started with cheap easy to fix stuff. Now, to determine if you really need head gasket replacement, a coolant pressure test is required to be performed to assess if head gasket is culprit.


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    1 how did he diagnose the head gasket??? signs are

    1 oil in coolant

    2 coolant in oil

    3 compression test

    4 leak down test with NO external leaks...

    my advice

    check hoses..soft ones can go flat under pressure

    whats mileage? if over 120K may be waterpump worn out,,[even if it looks ok outside]

    radiator clogged...did it get good flush out?

    keep full of coolant and oil [oil helps cool engine]

    engine itself...if not tuned can throw off more heat

    radiator fan..if elect is it cutting on?

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    A head gasket is not something you just recommend changing! Either its blown or it isnt!!!! If it needs to be done it NEEDS to be done. If it is not blown DONT mess with it. Why would you spend that kind of money for no reason?

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    I would monitor the situation and hopefully what he did was the right thing to do.And I would be very grateful that it wasn't as big a deal as a head gasket.

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    keep an eye on it and report back to us if the car gets any hotter

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