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What's the fastest way to recover from a cold?

I THINK I might have a cold right now. My nose is stuffy, I'm coughing, and I have a sore throat. But anyways, I need to get better before Saturday because that's the day of my sister's birthday party.

I even had to call out sick at work even though I need the money to pay for the party and other things.

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    Try this-

    Last thing just before going to bed, take a cup of hot milk with 2-3 Gm turmeric powder dissolved in it. Repeat it the next day. You will be alright.

    all the best wishes for your sister's birthday and for you to recover fully asap!

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    There are very easy way to cure yourself. Thanks to the low economy rates in my country, me and my pals will usually not go to the doctor when suffering common cold or fever.

    I know this might sounds like a mom's advice but sleeping early really helps. Besides feeling better the next day, you'll be totally cured.

    However the best method is to just call up your friends and have some laughs. Laughter is really the best medicine. We laugh all the time and while we do that we will not only forget all the moments problems but also made us smile till we hit the sack.

    But this is just my life experience to share. It'll be better to compare with the rest. Good luck!

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    Get some oil of oregano. Guarantee you will feel better in a couple of days. Since I started to take it when I start to feel a little sick, I've not had a full-blown cold in over a year. And I work with kids so their germs are all over the place.

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