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Why do I feel sick after working out?

So lately I've been on a lifting program, and by the end of each workout I feel like throwing up so badly. This never happened during track season, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with the fact that I'm lifting at 8 in the morning?

Should I be eating more breakfast? less breakfast?

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    You may be feeling sick because your body is burning up more calories and protein than before. I started to run 2 years ago and got the same sick feeling in my stomach. I started to research why and learned that I was starving my body of vitamins/nutrients.

    So I started to research vitamins and now know more than I ever cared to learn. But what I am taking does make a difference. I have more energy, seem to be able to stay focused at work and feel stronger during my daily run. I use Usana Essentials and fish oil (link to vitamins below)

    I learn not all vitamins are the same - they are not regulated unless there becomes an issue, then the FDA steps in. There are a handful of companies that are pharmaceutical grade (and third party tested), some companies say "pharmaceutical" grade but are not test and since not regulated they can get away with it. Plus there is something called bio-available - meaning they get into your system. Un-certified vitamins can just pass right through you, never absorbed, so they are useless. Watch this video (link below) there is a lot of good info there.

    Additionally athletes are at a higher risk of diseases if they don't supply their body with the proper vitamins. (Video link below)

    Source(s): Link for vitamins: http://www.buyusananow.com/nutritionals.asp Link to Picking a Good Vitamin: http://www.understand-health.com/supplements.asp Link to Athletes and Health: http:www.understand-health.com/athletes.asp
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    you feel sick because you lose too much energy and because you tire your arm and heart muscles.

    you should eat breakfast until you are full.

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    are you eating first? you should eat at least once before working out at all, and you shouldnt drink liquids before, you did track they tell you how to eat dont they? like eat pasta before and no liquids?

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