What home theatre system works with the Uverse programable remote?

I just recently had AT&T Uverse installed and it comes with a programable remote to control your DVD player, TV, and cable box all together. My current Home Theater system is an older Phillips that does not work with the remote. I am looking to buy a new system (Blu-Ray is not neccessary) but I want to make sure there is one out there that will work with this remote first. Using different remotes is a pain in the butt. I want to make sure I can control the surround sound volume from the same remote as the cable!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Take the remote to where you are going to buy the Home Theater system and do the auto program with the remote to see if it will turn it off or not.

    Follow step 3 of the Programming with the Automatic Code Finder section in


    step b. Now press the "OFF" key multiple times until the device turns off.

    is wrong

    The correct procedure is press the "PLAY" key multiple times until the device turns off.

    Source(s): AT&T U-verse Tier 1 Technical Support
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