Bottlefeeding and now trying to breastfeed...advice please?

I had my baby last Thurs since then i've been bottlefeeding yesterday I decided I wanted to switch to breastfeeding. She did latch on one good time yesterday the other couple of times she did for like a minute and then that was it. Before she latched on that one good time yesterday my boobs felt heavy with a lot of milk and now they don't. Is my milk going away or is it because she did get some milk yesterday. Also would it have done it to both breasts or just the one that she sucked on? I'm kinda nervous because I don't want my milk to go away. Yesterday I had a great supply but now i'm really worried. Advice plase?

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    Because you've been bottlefeeding for a week, it IS going to take some time for your baby to become adept at nursing, and for your supply to come in well. (I'd suspect that she latched on for only a minute because she's used to the bottle, and so expects the milk to appear instantly when she sucks -- she doesn't know she has to wait for the let-down.)

    Your breasts felt heavy, and then lighter because you were experiencing normal engorgement, typical at 5-6 days post-partum, and now the engorgement is settling down. Your milk isn't going away, but it will very soon if you don't nurse long and often over the next few days.

    As the previous poster said, frequent nursing and patience will probably solve your problems, but if, in a day or two, baby still isn't nursing well or baby is showing signs of dehydration, I'd call a lactation consultant for help. (If it's determined that you need to supplement for a while until baby learns to nurse better, the LC will show you how to use a nursing supplementer or tube or syringe to feed her, preventing further exacerbation of her nipple confusion.)

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    First of all, I commend you for making the decision to breastfeed. It is by far the greatest source of nourishment you can give your child; not a single formula compares.

    You feel that way because your milk is just coming in. It takes awhile for things to even out, so to speak. If you're serious about breastfeeding, make sure you're giving your baby 100% breast milk - do not supplement with formula. Breastfeeding is supply and demand - the more your baby demands, the more you supply. Many women make the mistake of assuming that they aren't producing enough when their supply is evening out, and they jump the gun by running straight for the formula. Rest assured, though, that only about 1% of women are truly unable to breastfeed and your body will most likely be able to supply your baby with everything she needs. Just make sure you're eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest. Good luck, and congratulations on your baby.

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    At this point, I seriously recommend you get the help of a lactation consultant. They are relatively inexpensive but incredibly beneficial. She will even come to your house. In the meantime, check out It's the most helpful breastfeeding website I know of. I've added some noteworthy articles for you to read. Good luck.

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    Your milk is just coming in now - breast feed your baby as often and for as long as you can - stop giving her bottles of formula - your milk will satisfy her completely.

    This is what you do. When baby wakes, breast feed her for as long as she wants on one breast, then burp her, change her diaper, and then feed her from the other breast. She will then sleep. When she wakes up, feed her from the second breast first this time for as long as she wants, then burp her, diaper her, switch breasts until she is full.

    She will likely nurse like this on and off all day for the first few days after your milk comes in, that is normal, it helps you to get a good milk supply.

    If at any time you think you don't have enough milk for your baby, just breast feed her more - the more she feeds, the more milk your breasts produce - isn't it amazing! And it's FREE! And so wonderfully good for your baby!

    You Go Girl - you will do fine!

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    Dont be worried, your doing well, keep trying, I'm a Lactation Consultant and want to help you, feel for you. Your milk may not be in fully yet because baby is young can take time.

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