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Rated Silent : I'm really sorry to hear that your account has been suspended?

Rated Silent, without doubt you're one of the best user ever, the best since The Dragon.

I'm really sorry trolls have got your account suspended.

But, don't be desperate, we all know you would have been in Top 10 of WS hadn't your account got suspended.

I will always pray that you would get in Top 10 of WS in the near future.

Keep up your hard work and good luck.

Star, if you think Rated Silent is the best user since The Dragon.

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    First off, I would like to think Chicago Knight. It really means a lot that he would star this question. I get it a lot. That I am the best user since The Dragon and I believe I am okay. As Justin Gabriel said, there are a lot better users than me but as for users who come on here daily for hours, I am one of the only one's who do. But, my scheduale has been compressed over the last few days and will be for the next 10 months. But, on Holidays and weekends, I will dedicate myself to this section no matter what.

    I will make it into the top 10 by Christmas. I already have 20 best answers in two days and I am on my way. I would like to think anyone who has supported me throughout this journey. Rated Silent has left, but Rated Silent 2.0 has just entered the section.

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    Rated Silent was a decent user is just that the WS is flooded with trolls these days

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