Am I a bad person for drifting away from everything and everyone?

I genuinely don't care anymore. Like a body without a soul. I just wander.


When I was a kid I remember how happy and bright and dumb and full of life I was. But as I got older I started viewing things in an abstract manner. And it all became a joke.

Update 2:

XxaiidaxatrociityxX: Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try to focus on doing constructive things to keep my mind out of the dark, and try to find the positives in life even though they're very hard to see now.

And not at all, I appreciate the time and intent you put into this. I guess I find some sort of solace in knowing I'm not the only one that has gone through something like this, no matter how different the situation or cause may be. I suppose I'm not so alone after all.

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    I felt this way too recently for quite some if I didnt have a reason to be here and didnt care about anything. I didnt bother talking to people in school and out and completely stopped meeting up with friends and hanging out. Not sure if thats what you mean but yeah. Ive changed a bit now, although sometimes i stop to think about life and how it just feels like an endless everyone else seems so happy with their lives.

    No youre not a bad person for feeling this way, it may just be a phase youre going through.. you may think it isnt..but well, hopefully it is. there are a lot of things you can do to distract yourself from thinking about these things. If you dont feel like talking to anyone, take up a sport or a hobby that you can do art or photography or poetry. All of them are good ways to express how you feel. Looking at the positive side is hard and completely understandable when youre in this state.. but you have to remind yourself about how lucky you are and look at the other people suffering in the world. You're here for a reason, so find something you love doing and try something different everyday. Read the newspapers or search up things that interest you. This wont all happen in a second, it will take a lot of time and patience..but if you do it bit by bit, hopefully everything will be okay. :) remember, a little effort goes a long way!

    Source(s): I know this wasnt exactly what you were asking but i kind of got carried away..sorry :3 and sorry again for the long ass answer >.<
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    not a bad person at all, however you are more than likely depressed and should try and think about the last time you did care and what changed within yourself to make you not care anymore... maybe try talking to someone about it... human beings always have and always will be social animals and a person devoid of human physical and emotional contact cannot fully survive... i just think feeling like a body without a soul will lead to feeling soulless which may lead to feeling lifeless... its a downward cycle.... wish all the best for you to reconnect with the people and things you used to love

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    not at all, i think all of us go through this at some point. As long as you come back to reality at some point, no harm done. If trying to figure out what to do with your life, you should get involved with God. He has a plan for all of us and if you just ask him to save you, He will "direct thy path".

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    You just have some soul searching to do, it's not that you don't care it's just your in a rut that you have to dig yourself out of, we have all been there in some form

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