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Alexander vs Koltelnik...who R U Pickin?

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    Devon should beat Koltelnik; and he may give Koltelnik his first KO loss.

    That will be a good test for Devon.

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    This is a hard pick. Alexander's best asset for me is his power and aggressive style, not to mention he is on a KO spree including the KO on previously-thought-of iron chinned Juan Urango.

    However, Kotelnik has never been knocked out. Khan is a power puncher but he wasn't able to take out this guy. Maidana (which is easily the most powerful puncher in the division) wasn't able to take out this guy and even lost an SD. His boxing style might just be apt against power punchers (Khan has decent boxing skills). Since Alexander hasn't really showed me anything special with his boxing, I'm quite sure Kotelnik will give him some problems.

    However, I still pick Alexander to win mainly due to the fact that he's young. There is like a 10 year gap between these two. If the old one isn't really an elite, history points to the possibility that he's gonna be taken down by the rising star.

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    In Alexander's hometown the only way Kotelnik can leave as a winner is by KO.I am not saying that in Europe it's any better for American fighters,no no no , it's the same thing pretty much.

    Only difference is that we are not being delusional claiming that fighting in your hometown does not give you a clear advantage,plus if you do that in here like Ottke or Calzaghe you get criticized hardly , while if you are doing that there like Hopkins,Mayweather or Ward it's all good,well it's a disgusting double standard but what else is new with y'all?:)You think i am being unfair?Ask Iran Barkley who fought so many fights outside the US and has had 21 losses,for which he said that if he fought in USA more than half of them would be unfair victories.I have mad respect for people like Barkley who tell y'all the truth there !

    So my prediction goes like this: A) Alexander by any possible way (KO,TKO,UD,MD or SD) or B) Kotelnik by vicious KO which will put Alexander to sleep for over 15-20 seconds !

    No way Kotelnik wins this fight any other way than a vicious KO,not even a normal 10 seconds count KO won't save him,the ref will handle this count properly ;)

    Source(s): Schultz vs Foreman Sturm vs DLH Schultz vs Moorer (poor Schultz they really ruined you in the US,they stole your HW title twice) and so on!
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    Devon Alexander, IMO he's the best at 140lbs right now. Time will tell if I'm right.

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