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will i be charged for internet on my ipod touch on a cruise ship?

I conected my ipod touch to a carnival cruise ship at the end of its voyage without giving a password and then I disconected from it. I was just wondering if I will be charged for this.

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    Free internet service is basically non-existent on cruise ships. You can sometimes connect to the ship's wifi signal for free, but any sites you would want to visit will be blocked until you log in and pay a hefty per-minute charge. Some lines do allow you to access their websites without charge. Carnival, for instance, allows you to use their website for free while onboard.

    Good luck.

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    If you connected without using a password, then the cruise ship has no idea who you are and they cannot charge you.

    But, there is also the possibility that you connected previously using the ships password and your iPod stored the password for future use.

    My iPhone will do this in order to save me time. Your iPod may have done the same thing.

    Hope this helps

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