Should I take my child to the doctor after a nosebleed?

This is the third day she has a nosebleed and I realized it's because she picks her nose. Today she woke with three or four puddles of blood in her crib. It wasn't bleeding when I got to her, but there was a lot of blood clogged in her nose. Does it need to be treated in a special way or do I let it heal on its own? Does it require medical attention? Help!


She's 17 months old

Update 2:

The reason I ask is because I no longer have insurance to cover these expenses. I had to take her to the ER when she dislocated her elbow.So it's not because I don't want to take her.

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    I do think you should probably follow this up with your doctor. Perhaps look at trimming bub's nails, so make sure she isn't scratching the inside of her nose, and that isn't causing the bleeding? Although, a scratch wouldn't, and shouldn't cause 'puddles' of blood as you say... that is a little concerning. Perhaps there is something else going on, or something in her nose that is irritating her that makes her put her finger up there?? I would just want to double check there isn't any coagulation (bleeding) problems, I mean, just to be sure her blood doesn't have any clotting issues.

    It could be nothing, but it may be something.

    Perhaps mittens may be an option to try and prevent her from putting her finger up there too??

    All the very best of luck.

    Source(s): Mum and Nurse.
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    I had lots of nosebleeds when i was a kid. almost everyday i had nosebleeds and I would have big ones too. but i grew out of it. dont know why it happened. my aunt did too. also my 4 year old has started having them almost daily mostly from picking his nose. i dont know what to do about it, but i guess he will grow out of it too. for him, its not as worrysome cause he knows how to make it stop or how to tell us and ask for help. but for someone in a crib who wakes up with a lot of blood in it, i would say you should take her to the doctor.

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    Mon is correct, first doctor then ask other parents! we used lil mittens (or baby socks) on their hands to prevent them from scratching and putting hands/fingers in their noses and or mouths.

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