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I am going into grade 8 and i need a bag for high school too what type of bag should i get (sling bag/backpack?

if so can you add a website and what type of bags do the girls in high school use?

please help

i was looking at this bag would it be good for grade 8 and grade 9?

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    If you're going for a fashionable look, use a tote bag. But it kills your shoulder.

    And yes that backpack is fine.

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    properly i grow to be a freshman this previous 12 months and on the beginning up of the 12 months I carried a bag yet after a wile it might start to experience heavy and start to place various of rigidity on my shoulder. Then i began out making use of a backpack and that i foun it plenty much less annoying with all my binders and books and each little thing else I had to hold. except you have time to circulate on your locker another era u ought to hold a bag and then purely swap out so that's no longer so heavy. (yet I in no way went to my locker) wish I helped and have a great freshman 12 months:)

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    Both are cute but backpacks carry much more, are more comfortable and much more durable.

    I love the store, roxy! They have a great selection of backpacks!

    Link for backpacks=

    I've been buying backpacks from them since 7th grade, I'm in 9th now. I have 3:).

    Source(s): Hope this helped!
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    I just bought a Vera Bradley Tote for $34. I got one in Carnaby. You can visit their website here..

    But if thats not your style, no problem. I would suggest a tote bag, ( well a good size one) because they can fit several binders & a textbook (:

    You can find cute ones at....



    Those are some stores/websites you can find them at. Hope I helped! (:

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    I got my backpack as a gift from my grandmother, but it was from Timbuk2. you can look at stuff here You can customize your bag, or just use one of the ones there. However, I don't know price ranges, since I got it as a gift. I can tell you that they last a REALLY long time.

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    i'd go with a knapsack because it makes it easier to carry around your books, but a lot of girls are now using tote bags:

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    i prefer slings cuz they are quite fashionable.but use what is the best and most convinient for you

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