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where to get discount tickets for the detroit zoo?

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    Kroger sells Adult and Children admission tickets for $1 off each. Parking still has to be paid for at the Zoo. The August Wed night concerts are $5 after 5 pm. $5 pays for admission to walk around the zoo and the concert.


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    Detroit Zoo Admission

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    where to get discount tickets for the detroit zoo?

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    If you live in the area, stop by a local library and ask them if they participate in the Macy's Ticket Program. You can check out passes for free from the library, and use them to visit a lot of local attractions.

    There are a few catches, but not many. My friend works at a library and uses them quite often.

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    there are not really any discount admission tickets or coupons anywhere

    the best deal is a membership; you get free admission year round and discounts on food and other things inside the zoo


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    just call them and they'll tell u some ideas how to save

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