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r condoms 100% protective?

just wondering wether condoms are 100% pregnancy proof or is it possible to still get pregnant

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    Nope, there's still a tiny chance that you might get pregnant (about 1 or 2%) even if he wears a condom. To play it safe, don't-

    -Wear 2 condoms. The latex rubs together which causes friction and most likely holes to develop

    -Use a condom past its expiration date

    -Use a condom that's been carried around in a pocket or wallet, or anywhere warm. The warmth can cause holes to develop, and if a condom is carried in a wallet or pocket, the friction from being carried around can also cause holes to develop

    Make sure to-

    -Use a condom that is the right way round, not inside out. The point should be sticking upwards

    -Squeeze the tip so that the air is out

    The main reason condoms don't work is because they're not pot on properly, so follow these tips and you should be fine :)

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    No they are not, that why when you in health class the teachers mostly say "Both women & men play a part in sexual protection". Because the condom isn't 100% protective, we have the pill, in plants, injections, coil for female to stop the chance of getting pregnant. But there will always be a possibility of catching STDs ETC.

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    no. there's always a chance of it breaking, especially if the guy get's the wrong size. guys tend to get the wrong sizes (the bigger ones) to show off but that's a big mistake.

    only not having sex is 100% protective against getting pregnant and getting STDs and HIV (unless you share a drink or share "liquids" with someone who has it).

    even with a birth control pill, there's a risk. even if you plan out your period or have sex during your period and the condom breaks, there's a chance. sperm can live up to 3 days inside you and in that 3 days you could be ovulating already and that egg can get fertilized.

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    no they are not 100 percent protective, they can slip off, break, etc. Some semen can slip out if not removed carefully. If used correctly with no breakage they are more safe than not, but not 100 percent.

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    They can be, so long as they don't break or slip. See if your folks will put you on the pill. You can tell them since you're having sex anyways, it's better than getting pregnant.

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    * Each year, 2 out of 100 women whose partners use condoms will become pregnant if they always use condoms correctly.

    * Each year, 15 out of 100 women whose partners use condoms will become pregnant if they don't always use condoms correctly.

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    No they are not 100%. They can break and can fail if they are not used properly. Plus, they can't protect you from all STD's.

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