I have a microkorg synthesizer ...?

.. I have an old gameboy, and an old keyboard but a new microkorg..

i was wondering if i can maybe unattach certain parts from both the gameboy and the old keyboard and create an 8-bit/nintendo/mario sound with my synthesizer and mixer..

- my only question is, how would i go about this? are there any easy ways where i can attach certain parts/chips to the microkorg to create this 8-bit sound, or are there any tips/other ways i can do this?

as you can see, i'm lost and confused as to what i can exactly do lol.. so any help would be greatly appreciated! :D

cheers x

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    This may be possible if you know A LOT about electronics and are great at soldering.

    A much, much easier way is to get a simple audio mixer. You can connect the audio output of the game and your keyboard to the mixer and the mixer will combine both sounds into one sound. It will work great and you will not need to destroy your game and keyboard.

    Here is a small mixer that will work great:


    Source(s): audio engineer
  • 1 decade ago

    I would do this (programming skill allowing), is basically write a synth/sequencer program for the Gameboy, and make a hardware keyboard encoder or midi converter that connects to the link port.

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