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Which country is this?

Can you name a country with more men than females and high deaths? With a population of about 7-8 million. It can be today or from the past few decades.


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    United Arab Emirates

    2007 estimate: 6,000,000

    2010 Census: 6,888,888

    Probably safe to say they're at 7,000,000.

    "According to recent counts taken in the nations of the world, the country with the highest percentage of men in its population is the United Arab Emirates."

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    Probably Benin other possibilities

    Country------------------------Total pop Male pop Female pop Ratio

    Benin--------------------------8934985 4509112 4425873 102

    Papua New Guinea-------6732159 3421356 3310803 103

    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 6419925 3318824 3101101 107

    Paraguay--------------------6348917 3205235 3143682 102


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