how can i get rid of him?

I have been separated from my ex for bout a year now we have a baby together who is a year old but i don't want him near her he used to beat me when we was together i was pregnant twice before and he kicked me in the stomach and i lost them now he turns up on my door step pushes me over hits me and tries to take her out of my arms, and when he does take her he doesn't look after her he doesn't even feed her! how can i stop him from seeing her but i haven't got the money for solicitors please help??

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    Give complaint at your nearby police station and also ask the shelter from women protection cell (if any exists in your area). If you can do, just leave the place and go to a place very far from him. Live happily. You can take the support of any person in whom you can rely.

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    First file a no trespass order against him. Every time he comes over call the police, if he hits you tell them, and follow through with it. I mean don't just have him arrested go to court and get him prosecuted for it. If you have had him arrested before, file a protective order against him. If not file one as soon as he is arrested. Their are also stalking laws that you can use in your favor. If you don't think any of this will keep him away, let the authorities know this, let them know if you fear for your life. If he keeps it up he should go to prison for awhile. If you have to, either move in with or move someone in with you that could help with your safety, or just move period. He will either get the hint or he will go to prison. If you do not know how to do any of this, go to the court house and ask. someone should point you the way, and show you how. Believe me They don't want to be sued if anything should happen to you because of their negligence. If not get ahold of a Lawyer, and find out what can be done about it. Start the ball rolling now file a no trespass order, and a order of protection against him. Now!

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    This is not a case of not having money to get solicitor, you need to go to one, there is help for people with little money or who are on benefits. you also need to go to the police and report him, they will not stand for his behaviour, then get social services involved and ask for help, they will not let the child be in a place of danger with its father. it can be arranged for a safe place where he will be watched while with the child and you don't have to have contact, they can also help with stopping him from seeing them at all. here are some help full websites

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    don't stand for this you left his ****, and he is still having control of you, he beats and abuses you. well done for leaving, but get help any of the above will be able to give you better info then anyone on here.

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    Go to the cops - directly to the cops! File a complaint and see what they can do to help you. And lots of attourneys take cases pro bono (for free); maybe they can help you with that too. But definitely go and press charges on him! And DONT WAIT!!!!!

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    Girl, you need to get the police involved and if that doesn't work just get some strong men to be there when he shows up..that's right show him who's boss

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    Get the local police involved and get a restraining order.

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